Processing agency

We have professionals in advising entrepreneurs (economists). We are specialized in fiscal, accounting, mercantile and labor. We have the resources, both human and technological, to bring about the most optimal management of your company or economic activity. We are looking for ways to reduce fiscal tax in your business or economic activity, and how to make the most accurate decisions of faces to better estate planning in your personal and family life.

But we are also experts in helping entrepreneurs improve their results and quality of life.


  • Tax advice, both to companies and self-employed (professionals and business), with special importance of personal and family.
  • Property tax planning. Application of techniques to reduce fiscal tax in the decisions of investment and disinvestment by personal assets (succession, marriage, estate tax, taxation of savings, estate planning for retirement etc).

  • Planning and constitution of patrimonies protected by people with disabilities.

  • Fulfillment of tax obligations (monthly, quarterly, annual).

  • Tax management: registrations and withdrawals to the Treasury, Certificates, Registration of Documents, Censuses.

  • Application for installments and installments of tax debts to the Treasury.

  • Income Tax and Equity Tax.

  • Tax on the income of non-residents and special cure in the models that have to be completed derived from the income obtained in Spain.

  • Analysis of indirect taxation in different legal businesses (purchase and sale, dissolution of profits, condominium terminations, corporate transactions, asset restructuring, etc.). VAT, ITPiAJD, Capital gains, etc.


  • Advice on management procedures, sanction and collection.

  • Presentation of claims before the administrative and contentious bodies.

  • Appearance and representation before the inspection bodies.



  • Preparation of accounting, both business activities of a commercial nature or not, and professional activities (self-employed). Referral of all presentations to the client.

  • Legalization of accounting books (invoices issued, invoices received, investment goods, intra-community transactions, sales and revenues, purchases and expenses, fund provision, etc.).

  • Preparation and deposit of Annual Accounts, Report and Management Report.

  • Preparation of Management Accounts.

  • Reports and studies of financial statements




  • Preparation of the work contract, both normal and training, as well as its registration in the Public Employment Service.

  • Preparation of payroll, monthly social insurance as well as payroll for arrears of agreement when appropriate.

  • In terms of extensions or modifications of contracts, their preparation and corresponding registration in the Public Employment Service.

  • Preparation of the worker's leave, preparation of the settlement and all the necessary documentation to apply for the unemployment benefit.



  • Study by choosing the best possible form of contracting.

  • Study of dismissals, compensation calculations, sanctions, warnings and writing of the corresponding writings.

  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements and company agreements.

  • Before an inspection of work, assistance and representation.

  • Advice, processing and monitoring of Occupational Regulation Records (ORR).

  • Procedures for benefits for disabled both temporary and permanent in any degree, as well as for widowhood, orphanage and retirements.

  • Defend and claim any right of the company before the CMAC and the court.

  • Monitoring and representation of appeals and lawsuits.



  • Study and interpretation of collective, statutory and business agreements.
  •  Labor hiring, with incidence on labor relations of a special nature (senior management, represented by trade, domestic workers, etc.).
  •  Individual and collective dismissals (objectives, disciplinary, etc.).
  •  Challenging labor sanctions.
  •  Records of Employment Regulation.
  •  Advice on claims of all kinds, with follow-up of processes before the social and contentious-administrative jurisdiction.
  •  Collective conflicts (records of regulation for termination or suspension of contracts, negotiations of agreements, etc.).
  •  Social security claims:
  •  Work disabilities.
  •  Challenges of medical discharges.
  •  Widow's benefits.
  •  Maternity and paternity benefits.
  •  Benefits of unemployment, etc.
  •  Occupational hazards.
  •  Work accidents.
  •  Interventions before the Labor Inspectorate: inspections, processing before all administrative and judicial instances of opposition against acts of infringement and / or liquidation, etc.


  • Ordinary telematic registrations, imported vehicle registrations, vehicle rehabilitation, obtaining permits ...
  • Telematic changes of ownership, notifications of sale, acceptance of inheritance, dissolution of society, subrogations of leasing ...
  • Temporary leave, transport, agriculture, duplicates, traffic reports, environmental badge, allegations of sanctions ...
  • Duplicates of driving license, change of address, obtaining international permit, renewals ...
  • Changes of ownership of boats and jet skis, registration and registration of boats and jet skis, duplicates of documentation ...