The digital certificate is practically indispensable today, as it is a quick way to identify ourselves when carrying out a multitude of procedures, for example to request benefits from both the SEPE and Social Security, make the Income Tax return, etc.
While it is true that the application for this certificate is online, it was necessary as a last step to go to an office to prove identity, presenting the DNI, passport or driver's license.

But now, this last step will not have to be taken, since a new option has been enabled to prove the identity of the applicant through the mobile phone.
Although it should be noted that if you want to save the trip to the office, you will have to pay € 2.99 plus taxes.


The initial process is exactly the same, it is necessary to access the electronic headquarters of the Royal Mint and you just have to follow these steps:

1.-Previous configuration that involves installing the necessary software for the process.

2.-Application via internet through an online form, the necessary data will be collected to generate the certificate.
Upon completion of the application process, a code will be sent to the email address provided. This code will be required in later steps to verify the identity and download the certificate

3.-Accreditation of identity with Video Identification, you will receive a notification email that will inform if the identification has been approved or rejected. Typically, this process will take a maximum of 2 business days to complete.

4.-Download the Certificate. In case the video identification is approved, you can proceed to the download and installation of the User Certificate