1. Those that work in the activities that participate in the market supply chain and in the operation of the services of the production centers of basic goods and services, including food, beverages, animal feed, hygiene products, medicines, health products or any product necessary for the protection of health, allowing the distribution of the same from the origin to the final destination.

2. Hotel and restaurant services that provide home delivery services.

3. Those that provide services in the production and distribution chain of goods, services, health technology, medical equipment, protective equipment, hospital health equipment and any other materials necessary for the provision of services.

4. Productive activities of the manufacturing industry that offer the supplies, equipment and materials necessary for the proper development of essential activities.

5. Transport services, both for people and goods, as well as those that ensure its proper functioning.

6. Penitentiary Institutions, And private security companies.

7. The indispensable ones that support the maintenance of the material and equipment of the armed forces.

8. Those of health centers, services and establishments. Funeral services and research.

9. Veterinarians.

10. Points of sale for the press, media, printing and distribution.

11. Banks and insurance.

12. Telecommunications and computer companies, essential services.

13. Those that provide services related to the protection and care of victims of gender violence.

14. Those who work as lawyers, attorneys, social graduates, translators, interpreters and psychologists and who attend procedural proceedings.

15. Advice, in urgent matters Notaries and registries, minimum services.

16. Those that provide cleaning, maintenance, urgent fault repair and surveillance services, and waste management.

17. Refugee reception center and humanitarian aid.

18. Water companies, purification, sanitation, etc.

19. Meteorological services.

20. Universal postal services and postal services.

21. Those that provide services for imports in the health field.

22. Internet, distance or catalog commerce.

23. Any others that provide services that have been considered essential.