The maximum speed depends on the road, but in any case the highest limit is 30 km / h.

-In the case of vehicles for personal use, the helmet is only mandatory on large electric platforms and scooters (type B).

-The reflectors, lights and bell are essential in all vehicles, except in the case of light (type A).

-The driver must necessarily be older than 16 years, except in the case of vehicles carrying passengers, in which you must be 18 years old. Minors may only use them in areas closed to traffic and under the responsibility of parents or guardians.

Having insurance is not mandatory if the use of the vehicle is personal, but in the case of those engaged in commercial exploitation, yes. They must have civil liability insurance.


- Driving using the mobile phone can be sanctioned with a fine of € 200.

-Using headphones connected to receiving devices is € 200.

-It is forbidden to drive on sidewalks and areas reserved for pedestrians. It can be sanctioned with € 200 fine, always following the nuances established by municipal ordinances.

-The scooters are suitable for transporting a single person. A different use can be sanctioned with € 100 fine.

-Not circulating with adequate lighting or reflective garments at night can cause a penalty of € 200.

-In addition, the last transitory instruction of the DGT, relating to this type of vehicles, indicates that its drivers are required to undergo alcohol and drug tests and, in case of exceeding the allowed rates, they can be sanctioned with the same amounts with which they would be sanctioned in case they drove any other vehicle: from € 500 to € 1,000 depending on the alcohol rate or a € 1,000 fine in case they used drugs. In these cases, in addition, the VMP (personal mobility vehicle) will be immobilized.