The Government approves aid to tenants, and moratoriums and take away from the rent payment to large holders.

Tenants affected by the coronavirus crisis may request delays in the payment of rent to their owners:

- If the landlord has less than 10 homes owned, an agreement will be required for the delay and, if there is no agreement, the tenant may request loans without interest or State aid.

- If the landlord owns more than 10 homes, he must choose between granting a moratorium of four months of rent payment, to be returned in 3 years; or lower 50% of the rent to the tenant for four months.

If the lessor is a small owner, he may refuse to grant that moratorium; if you are a large holder, you will have no choice but to bear the cost of a late payment or even taking 50% of the rent off for four months.

How do the credits and direct help that tenants can ask for work?

The Government announces in the decree the launch of a line of credits that will be granted by the Official Credit Institute. Tenants in vulnerable situations will be able to ask the ICO for an interest-free loan to be repaid in up to 10 years (the repayment term is six years, exceptionally extended for another four) and will cover a maximum of six months of rent.

When can moratoriums and grants be requested?

From the entry into force of the decree and for one month.