This Thursday, the Congress of Deputies finally approved the new Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Traffic and Road Safety, with tougher sanctions for some infractions.

Just holding the phone in your hand, even if not in use, will result in the loss of 6 points on your driver's license.

Until now, the maximum speed of a road with only one lane per direction could be exceeded by 20 km / h to overtake another vehicle, but now this has been removed, and the limits can not be exceeded in any case.

The previous law already forbade the use of radar detectors, but not to carry them installed in the car, and now the wording has been modified so that this will be sanctioned with 3 points less and a fine of 500 euros.

Until now, throwing objects during the march was penalized with 4 points, and now it has been increased to 6, because it is considered a very risky behavior, as it can cause accidents, as well as fires.

Failure to respect the safety distance of one and a half meters when overtaking a cyclist will mean 6 points less on the driving license.

Rules are introduced for users of electric scooters, the latest addition to traffic in recent years: they will not be able to drive on the sidewalk and will have to wear helmets in cities.

From July, professional drivers of goods and passenger vehicles will have to incorporate devices called "alcolock", breathalyzers that automatically block the start of the engine if the legal alcohol limit is exceeded.

Parking in an area reserved for the disabled or not keeping a safe distance from driving school vehicles will result in the loss of 3 points.