The date of entry into force of this new regulation could be next January 2, 2019, although it is not yet confirmed.

1.- SPEED LIMITS ON CONVENTIONAL ROADS: As of 2019, the maximum speed will be 90 km / h for cars and motorcycles. And 80 km / h for buses, vans and trucks.

2.- SPEED LIMITS IN THE CITY: The urban roads of a single lane and direction will have a speed limited to 30 km / h

3.- USE OF THE MOBILE PHONE: Starting in January, driving with your mobile phone in your hand, either to talk or for any other functionality, will mean losing six points (now there are three).

4.- USE OF THE SAFETY BELT: it also aims to toughen the loss of points by not wearing the safety belt, the helmet or the approved child restraint system, infraction that will go from subtracting three points from the card to four, starting from January 2019.

5.- COURSES OF RECOVERY OF POINTS: On the other hand, you can also see a didactic intention, by the DGT, which aims to benefit drivers who want to improve their behavior through the points recovery courses. So things, overcome a course of partial recovery of points will result in eight points and not in the current six.