The possession of a white weapon on public roads whose blade measures more than 11 centimeters, measured from flange to the end, is totally prohibited by the arms regulation. In the event that the blade of the weapon is less than 11 centimeters but is automatic or double-edged and pointed, it is also prohibited to have it on public roads.

In accordance with the foregoing, the Organic Law on Citizen Security, in its article 23-A, empowers agents to seize weapons and denounce the possession of a smaller-bladed white weapon than the one previously cited when it is carried in an area leisure or be carried in a way that is likely to be used against people.

The only possibility that the sanctioning file is not initiated is when, at the time of registration or intervention by the agent, he understands that the possession of the knife is justified on public roads, since the Weapons Regulation establishes said exception, but appreciated by the agent of the authority, not by the individual, since we will always see a need to carry it over, to cut the sandwich, to collect mushrooms, in the trunk in case there is an emergency in the vehicle , etc; but legally it is not valued in the same way.

Otherwise, a sanction file will be processed for the commission of a serious infraction, with a sanction that can range from 601 to 30,000 euros.