1.- Children traveling alone will need to justify before the border agents who do not leave the national territory against the will of the persons who legitimately exercise parental authority.

2.- Likewise, minors who travel accompanied by adults who do not exercise parental authority will need to justify before the border agents that the persons who legitimately have conferred it have not been unlawfully deprived of the custody of the minor.

In both cases the border agents carry out a thorough inspection of the documents and travel documents of the minors.

In order to justify the departure from the national territory of minors, persons exercising parental authority may appear at a Civil Guard Post to formalize the corresponding authorization in writing.

Once the form is completed and printed, you must go to a Civil Guard post with an identity document (ID or passport) and the rest of the documentation that certifies the child's parental rights (DNI or passport of the minor, family book, etc.) .).

The authorization is valid for 30 days from its issuance.