-When the new measures come into force
The government expects the measures to take effect between Thursday and Friday and will have an initial duration of 15 days. Restrictions must be endorsed by the TSJC.
-Restrictions on the hospitality industry
Bars and restaurants will be closed for 15 days and can only offer pick-up or home delivery.
-Restrictions on hotels
In hotels, common areas can only have 50% of the capacity. Hotel restaurants are restricted to guests only.
-Restrictions on the world of culture
The cultural sector will suffer a new restriction of 50% of the capacity, and will have to close, at the latest, at eleven o'clock at night. Seats must always be allocated in advance. The measure also affects public shows or other recreational activities.
-Restrictions on trade
In the commercial sector, the Government provides for the closure of all activities involving physical contact, with the exception of hairdressers. In shopping centers and establishments with more than 400 square meters, specific access controls will be required, beyond the 30% capacity restriction. Passage flows will also need to be enabled to prevent people from crossing. Areas common to shopping malls will be closed.
Shop customers must always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other people and, when this is not possible due to the peculiarities of the trade, capacity must be restricted to one person for each purchase.
-Restrictions on university
The restrictions include the request to do the theoretical university classes virtually, which the universities have already attended and which will apply from this Thursday.
-Restrictions on workplaces
Procicat has issued a recommendation to companies to do telework whenever possible. In addition, prevention and hygiene measures must be stepped up in the workplace and staggered entrances must be promoted to avoid crowds.
-Restrictions on gyms and sports facilities
Gyms and sports facilities must work by appointment and a capacity of 30%.
-Restrictions on sports competitions
Catalan sports competitions of all kinds, whether federated, school or private, are also suspended for fifteen days. In addition, they will have to close the sports facilities that do not have access controls to monitor capacity.
-Restrictions on playgrounds
Among the restrictions, there is also the obligation to close amusement parks and fairs as well as detachable recreational structures. Parks and gardens, and playgrounds in the municipalities, will have to close at eight in the evening.
-Restrictions on meetings of friends and family
The government maintains a ban on holding meetings of more than six people, both in the public and private spheres. In addition, these groups of six people will not be able to eat or drink outside the home.
Meeting limitations do not include work, worship, burial, or the use of public transportation. They also do not affect school or children's leisure activities. Of course, religious and worship acts will have a 50% limitation on capacity.