1. Hardening of the penalties for the use of the mobile, which goes from 3 to 6 points of the card. Not only that, Traffic will no longer only sanction the use of mobile phones, but also "driving while holding mobile phone devices".
2. Failure to use a seat belt, child restraint systems, helmet, and other protective elements, will have a penalty that rises from 3 to 4 points on the license.
3. "Carrying in the vehicle" detection mechanisms for radars or kinemometers, whether we use them or not, will be a serious offense that carries a penalty of 500 euros and the withdrawal of 3 points from the license.
4. The rule allowing the generic speed on conventional roads to be exceeded by 20 km / h to overtake is abolished.
5. 2 points of the license can be recovered by taking safe driving courses.
6. Until now, the period that had to elapse without committing infractions to recover the lost points depended on the seriousness of the infraction committed. From now on the terms are unified and it will take 2 years to recover the balance of points.
7. Using unauthorized intercom devices in driving tests will result in a fine of 500 euros and the offender will be penalized with 6 months without being able to appear for the test.
8. Companies that transport people and goods will be able to access the Drivers registry to find out if their employees' driving licenses are in force or not.
9. Finally, the DGT has also reformed or, rather, standardized criteria for personal mobility vehicles, in general, and electric scooters, in particular. Until now, these types of vehicles were regulated by municipal ordinances. Traffic introduces a national regulation that prohibits its use on sidewalks and pedestrian areas, also on interurban roads, tunnels, crossings and highways and highways that run through town.